Thursday, January 26, 2012

Breakthroughs...Walking in this World

I took the day off of working yesterday and spent some time with my dogs and myself...I visited the Elmhurst Art Museum and seen a collection and wonderful curated show...thing is I download the picture from my phone and silly me lost them  as of it went into a shortcut mode and I can't open them in any program I have...adobe photo shop etc...darn it it felt good to take a break...but things have to get done today...I need to write up a One day workshop and get that out like three day's ago to the Crystal Lake area place...Creative Artistry School of Fine Art...she would like to fit me in April but I have 1 day available to do that so with that I'm rushing my bottom off to get it read..

Even though there is work to be done I have the pattern locked in to do my creative spiritual home works and that is the artist way book-Walking in the World..I'm in the middle of week 7 goes

One of the difficulties with the creative life is that when we have creative break through, they may look and even be experienced as breakdowns.  Our normal, ordinary way of seeing ourselves and the world suddenly goes on tilt, and as it does, a new way of seeing and looking at things comes toward us.  Scary, terrifying.... Sometimes this "new vision" can seem almost hallucinogenic in its persuasive shifting of perspective. What seems out of question no seems possible, even probable. It is as though we have had a strobe light sweep across our experience and freeze into bas relief ad certain previously unquestioned assumption.

Creativity is grounded not in dreamy vagueness but in piercing clarity. We "see" a piece of work and then we work to shape it.  We "envision" a new direction and then we move toward it.

I'm questioning now if I can complete this spark of clarity that came to me as I have 2 of 5 I would like to complete 10 x 30 piece for the J2 gallery to exchange out the big piece I have's great do the big piece, an challenge and a experience to push myself but in this market I will need to create something that people will be able to afford...had as it is to let go of them the series of 5 that came to me as I started working on new images of women was like that a flash and I went on that flash and complete some new images to use as transfer for my pieces.  I still feel a bit scared about completing them as I have wonderful opportunities knocking at my door that I have to think about too...

Julia shares...As artists, we "see" things differently." In part, this is because we are looking.

Sometimes out strobe-light of clarity or breakthroughs show in other ways as...My gosh I'm going to marry this man?  or this relationship is going no where?  We "know" what's going to happen, but we cannot force time to match our perceptions- and we ourselves actually need time to become grounded and able to handle the change we have foreseen. 

When strobe-light clarity hits an area of our life or out work we suddenly see the outlines of that arena with startling and heightened drama. Ex: why, I could paint this way!  we gasp, or "My God, she has no intention of ever standing on her own two feet. I am not helping her. I am enabling her!.  When strobe-light clarity hits, is is harsh but distorted.  We get a quick and terrifying glimpse of the unfamiliar truth that has the same disorienting effect as the strobe light flashed across the dance floor-everything jerks into new positions without our seeing the transitions. 

sounds so scary but the breakthroughs I've had and recall come on fast like this and then there are the silencing of my inner self to listen and small nudges guide crazy to learn about how something work and's hard to believe unless you go through it...and that's way it's about a break through and the clarity it brings.

Here's the are of concern....When we have such dramatic breakthroughs in our creative and personal reality we must take care to integrate and absorb their meaning before action on them...I can think of a few moment that clarity came to me like braking through the thick denial....of self imposed opinion I have about something and then Bam! you see it a different way and your kind of like in have to have time to register all that happened and sort out...this is where I personal need a game plan as I call it...something I can hold on to that I can take manageable steps that are grounded. 

New Growth is afoot!  Instead of being unable "to see the forest for the trees," we suddenly see both the forest and the trees. My God, I could include photographic snippets in my painting surfaces, we think... We suddenly "know."

When we get a flash of strobe-light clarity, walls fall away. We see suddenly that we" can" do what we "couldn't" a moment before.

This is real..."We suddenly get just a glimmer of where we are heading and that new growth is possible, even impeding at our advanced age-whatever it is. 

When you are in the grips of a sudden and startling flash of clarity, move slowly and gently with yourself so that you do not bolt in terror, tripping on furniture of you consciousness.

Julia shares...Breakthroughs are not breakdowns. They just feel that way. Remember, you, too are breakable. Be gentle with yourself while you grow accustomed to your new mental and emotional terrain.

Wow that's a lot to think about and I know it's hard to look at sometimes ourselves that is when there are kids to pick up dinners to make a job to go to every day and a whole basket of other stuff.  But I feel this is about knowing yourself and trusting you GUT..and when things start to nudge you to "see" take a look at it...listen to it.  

OK off to get my work  done and ready for tomorrow's class...I'm really grateful for the opportunities that have made themselves present and that I'm saying yes to..hard as it is to juggle it's great to be working and doing what I love to do..


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