Saturday, December 24, 2011

Week two-Walking in this World-recap

Well did a whole lot of reading and thinking this week.  Discovering a Sense of proportion, 
Self-definition and drawing yourself to fuller size. Coming into ourselves and gaining a sense of a realistic self...there was more to the beginning statement but this grabbed me the best.

As the year is ending and new one is to begin...I've actually taken off some time and not really push hard at anything in the studio. I'm still doing my Tack Down Tuesdays but other wise I've taken a break...Wow did  I say that?  with the art world out there the competition is always on...and artists are trying their hardest to be seen and keep the action going on their work and added streams of income. I could be afraid I'm not out there too...but I'm not. I could be afraid I might be going into a creative block..but I'm not.. I'm just taking a break...just being present and enjoying the holiday season..cookies are baked and presents and gift cards are wrapped. Lights have been on the outside trees for a few weeks..thanks to grown children/my four young adults...or I should say all my 20'somethings in the house.

I really like the statement Gaining a sense of a realistic self...
Section one-Identity... Becoming ourselves, and this is all of ourselves...I had the experience with my walking friend to be seen, heard and valued...or as Julia Cameron talks about having a Believing Mirror. it's a blessing to have that happen...I felt so good afterwards.. I was gifted with the words,  I've noticed how you have grown so much lately...Wow that was a surprise cause when your trying to juggle all the plates up in the air and put the show on and keep the streams of income...coming in, it can be really darn hard to see that you're making progress. I'm growing to a full size as stated...or becoming that full time person in my own beautiful it that.

So now to Section two-Becoming Larger... I'm fortune enough to have a few friends that can see all of me and not just the elephant trunk or just a leg...That can see the whole and all my parts. And they are not afraid of losing me...Have you ever had some one be a wet blanket on any part of your choices as you choice to grow in your life?  And then they really dis you down so that you stay the same size you are and they can feel secure in keeping you that way? ...No instead you decide to take a class and venture out and do a bit of exploring and expanding and bang! someone rains on your parade...that's a wet blanket for you...I don't know where it came from and I'm glad I'm able to be happy for people who seek to expand on different areas of there lives...I truly get excited for them that they are doing that giving themselves a gift to live fully..Be it a stubborn strike in me or rebellious side...tell me no or you can't and I'll end up showing you how... not in everything but things that really matter the most to me.
So what I'm gathering is become larger or take those growth steps as a creative human being you may have to venture out on limb by yourself but by doing that you really aren't alone you have a greater presence that is there to open doors and offer more opportunities..what matters is saying yes to them and being that adventurous type and pilgrimage it on.. What's the hardest though through this venturing is keeping the old may have to distance for a while, which it can be critical for both but so much more healthy then being held back and stuffed in a box that you were never meant to be in..

Section three-Transformation, it's scary to actually make the change..and one may feel a bit crazier then before if they are creativity changing and seeking to grow...awkward feeling along with unsure but then there's the excited parts the possibilities showing there faces that excite you even more...change is never a ducks in a row kind of procedure...there's got to be gaps of flexibility left open for the proper transformation, swaying in an area for a while isn't a place to give up. It's about experience...yours and yours along and a bit of some pain..or vulnerability that part of possible being open to get's scary for sure...but this is where it really happens.  We have to use different skill to not lost how far we've come.. As Humor...I've found it helpful and I know I've heard it before said like this...Laughter is the Language of the Heart...  At this time one might give themselves some gentle play time...An fun artist date...and I feel that is what I just did for myself yesterday.. with reading this all this week and putting in to action with out really trying I feel ready to make some growth steps...Lets say I've got some plans that I would like to carry out creativity with my own artwork.. I have to admit that there is a bit of panic about this all...and I relate this to the feelings of being scared but honored to carry it out..and with those feelings there is a spiritual aspect that seems to be a pipeline for me..and that's Good Orderly Direction...a awesome awareness of good orderly direction..

Today is Christmas Eve and we will be heading to my sister house for the evening...I would love to take my two four legged loves to the park this morning to let them run a muck at the park...sniffing and romping around...a good play session is what it called. Connection with their types.. So best be heading off.

Wishing everyone that reads this a Very Merry Christmas


  1. Merry Christmas Laura.... and wishing a Glorious New Year to you!!

  2. Glad you are taking a break. Give yourself some room to breathe. You will come back stronger and ready for action in the new year. Merry Christmas dear friend. Love you :)


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