Monday, December 05, 2011

Reflections on One of a Kind show

I'm up and sore the body is talking to me from places I had forgotten about...Brought home the art yesterday and I had a melt down as of all the excitement from the past two months I letting out all the air I had.
My homestead was a wreck as of the family tried to keep it contained to some extent but it was a wreck and I was just over whelmed with it all. Not that I'm any super house far not but it just feels good to not have to come home and clean... so a few tears were shed and the girl got her groove going again and picked up and my one daughter kicked in with doing the dishes and all was pretty well manageable with in two hours and I ate a fast food lunch which is not normal and I fell a sleep in the lazy girl chair I have and when I woke up I we ready for the felt so good and comfortable to put on the apron and I didn't turn on the music as I normally do and just relaxed into the silence of the moment and created a piece for tack down Tuesday.  I've been creating every Monday afternoon with these spontaneous collages since the beginning of come the end of the year I'll have 5 months completed with this...Kind of amazing to keep it up this long but as long as I can I'm going for it. Well got some misc..stuff to do and take care of like going to the market and doing some food shopping and taking the dogs to the park this morning.

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