Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Mid-week thoughts

I should be making fudge and baking some cookies but I find difficult to do that this morning.. I have a few errands to run today and then I think I'll do it later in the afternoon. Kind of disappointed we aren't going to see any amount of snow for Christmas...Rats! as the kid in me always looks forward to that...I will find what it's like in other parts of the world with out snow...some don't mind but I look forward this this kind of change especially of the of the reason why I enjoy living in this area. 

I've launched my 2012 calendar and just sticking with an order of I'll keep for myself and the rest I'm offering for sale...experimenting to see how it all works. You've got to take risks now and then.

Well going to keep is short and sweet so I can tend the homestead duties and run those errands...

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