Saturday, December 10, 2011

Finding what works and sticking to it.

Couldn't help myself after three months of reading the first artist way in small segments everyone morning I felt out of a personal balance with out reading JCs words in the morning and also reading my book again by Brene I started them both back up again yesterday and then continued this morning.  The second book in the set of three is Walking in this World and what a better one to do right now as of my walking has been interrupted by the show schedule.  I'm still in my introspective mode and can't help but think about a new series of work to start up...but the problem is I've got some much work laying around here I need to get it out and hanging some where.. I joined the Elmhurst Artist Guild and today is a day to drop off the work so with the husband home we've been sharing the vehicle so I need to get that scheduled in today.  Just some ramblings going on but back to the finding what works...I seem to stray now and then or like a pendulum sway from one side to the other which is OK as long as I have a direction to head in.  I prone to having to have a game plan and to stick to it as much as I can.  So falling back into my routine if things and trying now to get all bah humbug on Christmas here...10 more days...darn my cards ready need stamps and then also need to finish up the last flag for the prayer flags exchange...rambling on about my list of things to do today..Oh I need to head to staples too, I need a new program and they have it there...getting ready for the new year and finishing up with the old one...


  1. Always love hearing you balance your process no matter what you encounter on the journey. Are you doing Walking in this World with the group? I've been thinking of getting started w/ the reading too. Need some stability.

  2. Hi honey I'm am but as I stated to Glenn and Jan in my one post I needed some direction during this time of year or I get really crabby and what better way then to stay focus on forward motion for myself.. sorry didn't mean to jump ahead...just know what works for me.


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