Monday, December 12, 2011

Artist Way Book 2, Commitment,creativity, and getting started.

Continuing on with my morning reading in the artists way...why am I sharing? don't know it's fresh on my mind I guess. Julia, has you kind of commenting to doing three pages of writing in the morning before you get started on anything else for the day..she asks you to do an artist date one a week, nothing major about an hour and by yourself..and walk at lest once a week for half an hour..well I know I go over board on the walking..

Yesterday while I was out in the woods I saw quiet few doe's and young ones.  It was a bit cool but the smell so fresh and crisp, it was great.. I really do love being a part of the outside elements each day.  Really taking it all in when you take a few deep breaths. The sun was shinning and it felt so good to soak in the Vit D.  As I walked or did my granny trot...the ideas of how I'm going to carry out my classes...three different class and the steps I need to take to work with them...out of the blue the ideas come and I'm listening...what I need is a pen and paper out there jot down the ideas...but when it's time to write out the lesson plans it comes then.  no worries. I don't like to carry to much when I'm out there walking mainly my keys and cell phone and that's it..

I'm going to share a bit from the book now. Walking in this World.
* Our dreams come true when we are true to them. Reality contains the word "real." We begin to "reel" in our dreams when we toss out the baited hook of intention..(There's the word intentions from the other book I'm reading..which is the beginning steps in process of D.I.G.,dedicate, inspire, and go.)
* When we shift our inner statement from "I'd love to" to "I'm going to," we shift out our victim and into adventurer.  In the future it is "will do," becomes what "will happen" 
* The Next Right thing- To prove this to ourselves, we need to couple the largeness of our dream with the small, concrete, and do-able"next right thing." As we take the next small step, and the bigger steps move a notch closer to us, downsizing as they move. If we keep on taking small enough next steps and therefore keep chipping away and miniaturizing what we like to call "huge" risks, by the time the risk actually gets to our door, it too, is simply the next right thing, small and do-able and significant but non dramatic.  Many of us falter, think that in order to begin a creative work we must know precisely how to finish it and , beyond that, to insure it's reception in the world..We are, in effect, asking for a guarantee of our success before we have taken the single most important step necessary to insure it..That step is commitment...

* Comes down to Just Do it...Nike slogan.. Make art not think about making art. Thinking is not the enemy, but overthinking is.  

So I read this and I think back about all the different things I've done and people ask me how I do it all..and not to sound all full of myself but one of the biggest things is the commitment to the act of doing.   And when I commit to something that doesn't mean it's going to be easy and all the next right steps will be laid out for me to follow...most of the times not...but I do open the door to possibilities when I commit to an idea. "Then along the way the dream comes true" and that dream is to be active in a spiritual creative process and never to go stall.

Most of the time it's the incubation period for me when I get hooked in to an's time for me to gather and pull in possibilities not that I make a move forward just yet but I like to think it out and stay open for good orderly direction..

For example, it's December and many centers and leagues I teach at would like the information for the classes or workshops I would be willing to teach... I can't teach the same class again and again, I honestly I would get bored and if I'm bored then my student will get bored too. So I have to write up a description for a class...I thinking about the class and some area of struggle for them and area that they can really shine with what they have learned and I push forward a bit with some new experimentation for all of us.. the all the students and myself.  Well then I submit the description and then I let it go for a few months till it becomes close for the classes to start.  Which in about a month I'll be presenting three new classes in three different location so that means it's time for walking...and the walking is the forward motion I've come to honor in a way that's hard to's like all of sudden with out realizing a great idea comes to and then I can see it played out to as of process or the direction to take.

* it is when we fire the arrow of desire, when we actually start a project, that we rigger the support for our dream. We are what sets things in motion-people and events resonate toward our fiery resolve. Energy attracts energy... as Julia states in this segment of the weeks readings.

So back to commitment..have we forgotten how to commit to something that we have passion to or would like try to care out?  Do we teach how to be commit to our passion? or our we looking for the instant and getting to the other side and saying done!   I know that when my thinking is like that just looking to get it done I miss out on all the wonderful mess bit of life, adventure, joy, frustration and act of learning and creating. And the most important part of sharing between each other..

OK taken the second oldest now to the train and eating my oatmeal with some molasse in it for extra vitiums and iron.. I  now need to head up starts for my tack down tuesday process and walk the dogs later when it warms up a bit...Hank's only got one layer of fur not two like most got to watch out for that. 


  1. So you are jumping ahead on the book? Good for you, we all go at our own pace. Always interesting to read your thoughts. These are good ones, I need to read them again.

  2. Laura your information from Julie Camerons book "Walking in the World" is so appropriate for me right now. Thank you for sharing. I hope the Big Show you participated in was rewarding for you. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!!

  3. You are a great tribal tutor. I opened the book today, but have yet to get to chapter one. It awaits me on my table.

  4. Jan, after sticking with something over 21 days it becomes a habit and the first book has done that for me many times so though we are taking a break till the new year I was feeling a bit lost in the thinking department and needed that guidance so I decided to jump in but I'm not rushing taking small segments and really looking at it till the groups gets going again..
    And Kim, to funny how the right information comes when you need it isn't, My tack down tuesday was inspired by one of my rock pickings which said "be a seeker" and that came from your inspiration..thanks lady..

    and Glenn, When we are ready we know it...with the holiday society stuff I get very overwhelmed with it and can turn in to a really crabby bear so that's why I decided to stay focused and seek some order and direction again where it has always been good instead of the material stuff out there.

    peace all...


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