Saturday, November 12, 2011

Moving in to the last week..

I've got this week coming up to sum things up and really bust a moving on things... With Thanksgiving and all I'm grateful I have a lite load of wonderful family coming because I don't know how I would do if it was last year...had 35 members of the clan... Well I'm continuing on with self care and as you seen by my last post the progress happening in the studio. Keeping a clear head and heart is important at this time and protecting my space and time...I totally understand an artist friend of mine saying I have a schedule to keep. I'm kind of excited about it, scared but excited to carry out what I want to accomplish. Today I would like to make up or start 20- 12 x 12 so I have a few to frame and some to put in the bin and then the next few days it will be adding the finishing touches to everything, matting and slipping them into sleeves...I'm barely now keeping up with the homestead but I'm finding the end of the day pick up is good I've taken care of the creative part and the no brainer time at the end of the day is actually a relax mediation...Which I know that works well but the family has to adjust to it...Mainly my young adults whom thing cause mom's home all things will be done but I'm going to have to make the announcement again that my attention needs to be on my work and preparing for thanksgiving dinner and their continued help around the house will be great...Like the wording of that know kids they do things for two weeks and slack off so I'm manipulating them by saying "their continued help"  also that adds a good positive spin on things as they do help but on always on a daily bases..

well off to tend to the body and get a good start on the day in the studio..

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