Thursday, November 10, 2011

Heading down the path

I decided to give myself a day of self care... and I head to the woods...this a older picture of early spring and now it's moving in to full fall most of the leaves are down and the growth is all over the place...there's sweet rotten rich earthy smell.   I do my stretching and breathing and start out with my granny run, feeling a bit off kilter till I get the rthym going.  Which it took me about 1/2 way around the first time to do...then it kicks in and the body, breathing and movement are in sync.  My mind is focused on others as of those that are sick and I'm hearing way to many being sick with the D-ciff infections and it's scary.. When the go into the hospital they seem to be picking up this super bug of infections and it takes them out...mixed emotional feelings are flying all over the place...My horoscope suggest to let the feeling flow and as I keep going around I would think of them and others and let them go...Really there's not a thing in my power I can do to help but let them go... As I completed the last round on the path you see here I connected with a Doe and was amazing as I was moving to a nice quiet pace they to decided to stay on the path and run up ahead of me for a good 40ft...I was in awe at the feeling I felt running with the deer... I made it out to the opening where the small bridge is and I do my ending stretches and there is a pair of red tail hawks sharing a moment of beautiful flight...I felt at that moment that I was heard...

The rest of the day I just keep it simple as I could...caring this moment which is still strong with's cooler out and I will be heading back out to the woods this morning before I head into the city to drop off this piece of art at J2 Gallery.

As a Crow Flies

40" x 40" collage on 6 panels
Artist Laura Lein-Svencner

This piece came together for my love of crows and the place I live, close to the country and just a jot down the road to the big city.  Growing up with the love of the good earth passed on from my mother and father, I've carried that in my belief system. Some people have religion, others have muses or angels. I myself have Nature as my spiritual guide. Mentoring me along my path with the understand of the crows medicine which helps me restore balance and to know that there is a natural law to follow.   I turn to daily walks in the woods to listen for the unspoken words, sometimes in the lone darkness she creates this void, which can be scary as much as the unknown of life itself but I put my trust in her hands, Mother Earth and all seems to work out.

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  1. Great piece Laura. Oh that C-diff is what almost took my Mama earlier this year. She had three back-to-back rounds of it but made it through. Keeping centered; sending our good vibes is all we can do. Love the path you follow.


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