Friday, November 25, 2011

Friday Morning.

One of those nights when I just couldn't sleep...some thoughts spinning in my head, good but spinning. So got up and tended to a bit of folding laundry and tidying up the kitchen.  I'll be heading up to the hospital this morning to see my husband...things are looking good still but the heart still needs some tender loving care and I hope the meds' will do there trick or everything else will get back into ligament as most of it has...

Had a free Thanksgiving meal in the Hospital with my husband...he sleep off and on though it but that's good he needs the sleep.  He had some turkey later but appetite isn't there. Confusion is cleaning up little by little, amazing how sodium in the body or lack of it can calls this confused stay...elders get this alot when they get pneimona and dyhdrations...and then to bring the sodium levels back up it still causes that till is stablized.  So it's been very frustating for him because he knows it's going on...but he should be back up and running in about a month with full the holiday season has a whole different meaning for us all in the Svencner homestead. 

I've been keeping center with the quiet time in the hospital sitting next to him in the chair, I've not sat like that in I don't know how long...I think it was when I breast fed the babies did I sit and realy just be present in the moment...relearning the importance of that..

I'm not sure how things are going to go as of the One of a Kind show...if all goes as planned the husband should be home on Sunday and Tuesday I set up...My work was picked with a few other artists to be show cased in the main enterance or something so that was a wonderful surprise.  but if life still holds us off to the side for a bit longer so be it and there will be another year for OOaK show and I'll have a good stock pile of work ready for the next show...just how the cookie crumbles around here.. more important to accept and go with the flow, keeping it simple and staying light in the heart and mind then it's is to drag extra baggage around with this all.

Well off to got to Target early to pick up a few things.  


  1. Thinking of you there, Strong, Brave One, in this present moment. May the flow be smooth and easy now.
    Love and light !

  2. Centered. Alert. Following the flow. You're doing all this perfectly and soon the big bear will be home. Can someone be at OOaK for you?

  3. Cynthia Lee11:08 AM


    I am literally five minutes from Hinsdale Hospital. If you need me to run an errand or do anything for you, please let me know!


  4. Thanks all for you offerings of help and care. It really means a lot...we are doing fine and keeping it all simple and grounded.
    bless ya..


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