Saturday, November 05, 2011

End of teaching session for the year...New Class 2012

My class session have ended for the year...September and October just flew by but it was a very productive time period.  I've tried some new things out with my students, pushed them a bit harder then normal.  I really do want them to move pass the many different parts of hard as it is they are doing well. A few things as a teacher I will need to tweak, and I mean tweak as area that I personal need to improve on as a teacher so that the concept can come across with a different perspective to help them achieve the effect they would like to get. With yesterday's post I shared some ideas that most artist have touched base on along their educational journey in art...but not all my students have touched base on them, so they are very new at it..and I have to say the Gesture line seems to be the one approach that has won out over all...or lets say the top of the list...I just received my Artist magazine and in it they talk about Armiture or the foundation of the Horizontal and vertical line..In Life drawing it's the gesture line...but it is a foundation the place to start...not that it has to follow it to the tee but just a simple starting point. So much to study and learn about...I personal feel I've just touched the surface of it too as an artist and teacher.  Which is a very exciting place to be, as of seeking ways to visual express the emotional imagery you need to state or leave behind. As simple as leaving a mark on the wall with the good red earth as you hand stays in one place or you make a paste and place your hand it in and press that against a hard surface it's was the beginning steps to leave behind you personal mark in this world..something we have been doing for a long time. And why is it that we seem to need to do that...My husband laughs at the way people need to state their opinion all the time on the back of their it a way to state our inner most feelings and beliefs.. don't know but it is something we seem to need to do, is let people know how we are before they even say hi...Ok just rambling this morning but reflecting also on the need to express and create.

Class for 2012,

LaGrange Art League-Free Flow Mixed Media Collage Painting
Naperville Art League-Printing and Collage
Mayslake Peabody Estate- Visual Art Journaling

Future paper and collage classes
Naperville-Strictly Paper
Naperville-Free Flow Mixed Media Collage Painting.


  1. You will never run out of things to study and learn, keep flowing. Keep expressing, creating. I'll bet you are a great teacher.

  2. Oh she is Jan! Laura, keep walking and teaching us along the way. :)

  3. Oh hush you gals...your making me blush.


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