Sunday, October 30, 2011

What catches my eye

Up in Door County now and sitting at the table in the hotel room...My mother in law and I took a little road trip up here to pick up some artwork. The season around here kind of dies down and then picks back up in March or I'll be able to create some new works and ship them back up. As we where up here I took Eileen my (mil-mother in law) to see the gallery and outdoor gallery space of Edgewood Orchard Gallery...She's such a trooper, not feel that good but on the mend from a sinus infection she's follows along.  I couln't help but snap a few pictures  and this time the round concrete ball in the center really attacted me and the iron works of the gate.  The leaves are still hanging and the colors are so grand up here.  Cool but the prefect fall day. I'm actually thinking of going for a bit of a walk and letting her sleep in...Eileen that is and enjoy a bit of the woods medicine up here..


  1. Beautiful photos, especially that ball---WOW!
    Get a bit of woods medicine for me too, would you? ;-)
    Looks like a very lovely, contemplative place.


  2. Edgewood Orchard Gallery is fabulous, isn't it? It's my favorite gallery in Door County, with the beautiful buildings and that gorgeous outdoor space. I'm so glad you enjoyed it, and posted these photos. Happy travels to you and your mother-in-law.

  3. Beautiful. Love the simplistic beauty of stone and metal. So glad you took your MIL.

  4. somehow that roundness needs to be added to my art some where and some time soon..


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