Monday, October 03, 2011

Friday's Class, Approaching the White Canvas-LaGrange Art League

 The Tack Iron is set up in the back room there and some students like to stand and others like to sit while they work...We've got Sandy, Jan in the back with Turkan, and Barry visible.
 Melinda is arranging her collage papers for a nice  piece.
 Joanne and Jim are focused and working hard...time limit on this exercise session is 30 minutes.
 Cheryl and Melinda work away
 Barry's hands arranging the right collage papers for the composition.
 And as the class progress we started working on a different substrate of Canvas and Jan just went right at it with her canvas piece.

 In the back of the Studio/class room I hung a Line and used this cool little hooks from Ikea to hang our 30 minute exercise pieces.  It truly is amazing what is happening for them with this project/exercise as they are forced to create with with out thinking...kicking the intuitive aspect of the creative process. 
Looks like a lot of paper mess...well it is as of our palette comes from paper so we have it all over the place..seeing it and touching at every turn...Re, Sandy and Barry all seated are working on the weekly assignment for the class time.


  1. Looks like a great class Laura. Some lovely works hanging on that line.

  2. yes we got the Hanging art show going on...the class seem to love.


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