Sunday, October 23, 2011

Free Flow Mixed Media Collage painting

Today at about 9:30 I will be presenting a workshop to about 16 students. We will be creating some wonderful free flowing mixed media collage piece like this...Hopefully this small exerices will help teach about letting go and allowing the creativity to flow.  And with out any set plans and not knowing how a piece could or even if it would turn out there is a time when one is to play and have some exploratory time with their own abilities.   The action steps on creating a piece of artwork will really pull on the elements and principle of design..mainly color and how it can make it or brake it...Then here will be the part where they may well feel as though they are destroying it...  I gave a demonstration in my Friday class and listened to them as I presented the steps and Jan was so good at playing her part with out even knowing it...she would say I don't  like it and I'm not sure where your going with it....And honestly I didn't know either as the pieces are created very quickly and with totally just trusting the moment...when I spend to much time thinking about it I claim up and I'm afraid to do anything else, so I don't...I keep moving in these piece...I wouldn't call it a master piece but for learning how to loosen up this is a great way to do it and use up some scrap collage pieces...

140 lb piece of watercolor paper cut to 8 x 10 size and sprayed with some water and acrylics are applied to the surface and then using plastic wrap to smear the acrylic around creates a wonderful feeling and flow.

Well best get myself going and all packed up spending a day creating is awesome fun.


  1. I just love this LAura... you are soooo creative

  2. thanks honey...The workshop I hope had a great time to..they all enjoy being together and creating for long hours anyways so what every they that way keeps them happy souls.


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