Thursday, October 20, 2011

Carrying on with some more

The next part of the Artist way in week 7 is about Perfectionism...oh that word alone can get You.  I quick say no I'm not a perfectionist...but in some ways I think I am a little bit. And in other ways not as of Julia states...Perfectionism is a refusal to let yourself move forward, its an obsession that closes the system-no foresight can get in.. And she goes on to say we correct our originality into uniformity that lacks passion and spontaneity.. Wow we can take the wind out of our sail can't we if we get stuck in the perfectionist role. The perfectionist creates with one eye on her audience instead of enjoying the process. And there is a part when we all want to ask when is my work done?  And Julia shares, the normal part of creativity is letting go and letting it go and calling it done, some of us are always worried about the end result instead of enjoying the beauty of the process. Personal thoughts I ramble on I know there are things that I like to have a certain way and it's because I know it works well for me that way but when it comes to not producing art I do believe I let go and with that the passion and spontaneity can flourish...but so easily can it run a muck if I'm not aware of what is happening I constantly need to allow the wiggly room...of imperfection in.  I like to put in Nature isn't perfect why should I's the imperfect that I see as rich character and beauty.

Going into Risk now... the success of a creative recovery hinges on our ability to move out of the head and into action. Comparing -part of the game here is lining up the masters and measuring our baby steps against their perfect craft. And we have to watch out for setting limits where we feel assured of living with in these bounds...expensive illusion..  again I'm picking parts of things here for my own understanding at this point...Taking a risk is just that  if you win you win if you lose you win for taking the risk.  To put it differently, very often a risk works simple for the sake of taking it. Selecting a challenge and meeting it creates a sense of self-empowerment that becomes the ground for further successful challenges.. Oh this is the part that I see so many parents stealing away from their own children of my children's age...the do for them because the want to spare them the pain of not being successful or messing belief is now one want to watch someone go through pain or struggle with anything let alone being creative. but if  you want it that bad you will continually meet with it and one day if encourage to take a risk you will try and some of the things you try won't work but as Julia states you still win.. for the pure act of trying it never know what else you will learn from going through that act in the first place and then the blessing is if you do take a risk and try it and you success with it even in that imperfect way you do gain the sense of self - empowerment and that is hard to teach young ones and old folks about...and one's that have been hurt before and allow fear to over ride the simple act of giving something a  a taste don't like you spit it out..and now you know...

Jealousy - oh the awful word and emotion...makes one do things that sometimes they don't even know there doing till afterwards... but in a creativity aspect Jealousy can be a fuel for more creativity...there Julia goes again with our change of attitude and perspective of things. Can one's jealous vanish and be replaced by a feeling of camaraderie. She shares that her jealousy had actually been a mask for fear wanting to do something she really wanted to do but was not yet brave enough to take the action towards it.. there's an eye opener for you.. Julia goes on to say at it's root, jealousy is a stingy doesn't allow for the abundance and multiplicity of the universe. Jealousy produces tunnel vision..another eye opener. Jealousy strips us of our will to act when action holds the key to our freedom...Don't let your jealousy fester...warning! Use these two emotion to fuel your own creativity...Anger and jealous can be hope and growth if seen in a new perspective and with a new attitude. I have to be honest jealousy is in my emotional suit case I carry around, it flares up and then I can tame it down with so you wish you were there or you had such and such then what can you do now for yourself...and that quick action steps start out and that jealousy is nipped in the butt...most times..other times I may let it fester a bit that's usually when I'm full of other emotional and got myself caught in a whirl wind of tunnel vision and then all of sudden I know I'm in trouble and I go looking for some good orderly directions and start to sit down with it and get my dresser drawer(my mind) cleaned out of junk and start to get out of my head and into my that fraze...I think Sheryl Crow has that in a song of her...

Out of our heads..Lyrics
If we could only get out of our heads, out of our heads
And into our hearts
Children of Abraham lay down your fears, swallow your
tears and look to your heart

too funny this is the song that I was singing along with when I had my Ipod on and was walking in the woods last year and I was letting it belt out...of course I was in my moment and came around a bend and turned beet red when I ran into Aldo the Retired barber and he said you much be happy your singing...the whole song isn't a song about being happy...but it was a song that I was singing imperfect to and taking a risk and was in the moment of passion and spontaneity.
I have to comment here...this time around with the Artist way things are so different then when I first did some 13 years or so ago...I'm in a different place and seeking inspiration for a different part of my life then I was many years ago.. I watch the documentary on the really Horse Whisper and it's amazing how things come in when your ready to hear them...again I can't say it enough...if you want to work on your art or chosen passion then work on your life too. which for me is a on going process of promise to myself is a long time ago was I never want to go with keeping with that I'm bound and determined not to do just that...always moving forward.
Well I've probably boarded you enough..

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