Monday, October 10, 2011

Back from a quick trip up to the Northern part of Wisconsin,

 When the Husband and I made it to his Great Uncle Ed and Aunt Ro's house we got out of the Transit and walked up to the garage and I spotted him right away on the ground next to the foundation of the garage... I was...saying Oh look it's a statue of a.....and it moved, I was in shock..A Raven there by the garage..
 I had thought that Uncle Ed befriended a Raven, he's got a way with the animals but not this fella or gal is sick...A raven really doesn't want you to know where they are...they would rather know where you are and keep a distance...Kind of a private sort of woods winged one.

The thing is Uncle Ed and Aunt Ro feed the birds, and a whole bunch of other critters,  but we thing he/she has been watching the home and knows that they have the food here and came to be with them...problem is this bird may have West Nile and it can cause some of the things that was was seen...and it's not a pretty site.. My heart went out but all I could do is wish that he/she be out of their pain soon. 

Do let you spirit be one thing I was instinstly thinking of when I saw him/her there.

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