Thursday, September 29, 2011

Tuesday's Class and dropping off artwork

Day two of Collage Papermaking workshop at Naperville Art League
The time flew by as we progressed in the collage papermaking of the class.  I brought white tissue paper so we could make stained tissue papers and string stained tissue papers, then we moved into just using drawing papers and rolling on with a brayer color or using the plastic sample charge cards you get in the mail and spreading the base color down...We also used deli papers and made some coffee ground papers.  The printing or stamping part of the class took off after lunch.  We need to let the papers dry a bit and then move in on creating patterns and multi printed surfaces.  We were using all kinds of things to print with but I had some of the printing tools from a class I taught about a year ago at LaGrange. Some of the ideas came from this great book by Tracy Bunkers.  Great blog to check out if you have some time...she's full of wonderful creative ideas and projects.

Well next week starts up the Collage Class called. Personal Express through Collage, which if you got to the Naperville Art league site you can gather more details on that and register for list is also listed,  there is some room left.

Well today I have a bit of phone calling to handle as of to ask some questions about the One of a Kind show and then in the afternoon I drop off my artwork at the Downers Grove Public Library for my solo show...I will be exhibiting hopefully 39 pieces...all sizes too. I'll see what magic Melody will put together, she hangs the shows so she will let me know if she can hang it all. 

Out to walk the four legged loves of mine..

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