Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tack Down Tuesdays Sept. 27th

Full Harvest,
8 x 8 collage with 2" mat all sides with form core backing ready to going in a 12 x 12 frame.

Materials used:
Handmade pulled papers from Yucca leaves, stained tissue papers, painted drawing paper and acrylic glazing and some stamping, sealed with a final layer of UV satin varnish.

Meaning of the Art:
It's the end of September and officially Fall now, in the mid United States the colors are making their appearance for all to see. The fruits and vegetables are all coming in from fields. I want to savor the colors, textures and flavors all around. The inner feelings that were whirling around in me where of rich abundance.

Purchase price 45.00
20% off
sale price for the Month of September
36.00 + tax and s/h



  1. Of course it's sold... beautiful!!!!

  2. Oh one of my newer students purchased it.


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