Thursday, September 01, 2011

September is steam rolling in

With a bit of heat today, and tomorrow then the Labor Day weekend will be cooler..I think we've all had our share of the heat.  This morning I have to wait around for the Village to come...seems our water meter is not functioning as well as needed so they are coming to put a new one in.   I had wanted to go to the woods early but change a plans..

This month has a share of activity lined up...The Make Your Mark Journal Project is coming to an completion and that is wonderful...Can't believe over a year ago an idea was birthed to a year long project.   I'm working with a great team of people and it wouldn't have come this far if I didn't..
There's some signage and little details that have to be worked out which I'm on that...(little help with my daughter and her graphic skills)

Then I have my outdoor studio exhibit that is sneaking up so darn fast...the brain is running in circles of... I've got to weed and cut the lawn and pick up the display panels and set four tents and haul the art out of the house and under the tents then I've got to run electricity for tools to do demo and then my family runs I think after the cut the lawn part..I get a bit crazed with it all you know wanting to have it as perfect as it can be...

And right after that weekend I'm to be in River walk art fair....

Panic is setting in  at this point I'm taking on the month before it is even here...small steps in a forward motion creates progress.

On top of it all I have two classes that will be going at the beginning of the week and one at the end...  all this while creating new work for a library show and sling the bacon and fluffing up the pillow.  Yikes!!

Blessing are upon me but always a challenge to juggle it...need the good orderly direction to guide me.

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