Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Productive day

 As a Crow Flies, 40 x 40 6 collages on Panels bolted together.

 A little help from a Friend, 12 x 12 Collage on Panel..part of the Faceless people series.

Mystery Morning, 10 x 30 Collage on Panel, a combined piece that can fit with As a Crow Flies or part of my Faceless People series.  I started these both of the weekend with a few piece of paper tacked on...and yesterday afternoon with all the things I have going on it calms me down to bring it to a surface and create with it..I was think while I was making this piece...two everyone morning I hear the crows cawing out and the mist over the Cat tails has  been really the title of this piece is Mystery Morning.  

 And another thought came to me, my work is a "Dialog of Drama played out on the surface to the edge of every torn piece of paper"  I don't do much else all day but manage the homestead, walk the dogs...a few artist dates here and there but pretty much all thing that comes in though out the day makes it way to the drama of creating...

After preparing a Cd for an new Art consultant...Hopefully, I looked at the selection of my work on the CD..30 images..probably a bit to many but then she's gets a good feel for what I am capable of doing.  What I noticed is I really do put the drama on the surface and try to leave a pretty bland life other wise...kind of keepin it simple as much as possible...hard enough just that..

well off to tackle some food shopping for the family.

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  1. Dramatic indeed Laura. I love the variety in textures and the monochromatic palette.


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