Friday, September 02, 2011

Off to the Art league this morning

I feel I've got a mission and don't try to stop the of a few things this morning at the Art League..set up display for Make Your Mark Journal Project in the window of the Art league with other members in the committee and then give a quick interview with a newspaper person..this should be exciting, we have a good group coming in...And then I've got to go down in the basement of the art league and grab as many as I can...sandwich boards/pegboards for the studio exhibit.  Should be a good work out too, bring them home and store them some where till Tuesday and then I've got to get to my piece up stairs..."As a Crow Flies" it need to be finished by the 12th...OMgosh...yes need to bust a move...Good karma and drama all around the whole month..look forward to it..

off and on and busting a move as I'm a grooven stone your self as I wrote on facebook that can cause some big trouble in my neck of the woods...means I might be a wild thing today..hahaha got have some fun..

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