Wednesday, September 28, 2011


So I received a phone call the in the afternoon the other day and I'm still in a bit of shock but taking a deep breath and moving forward with small steps.  I shared it with my People, (husband and children and artist way group) and they have the confidence in me, now to find it myself.  The phone call was a personal invite to the One of a Kind Show in Chicago... for the past two years I've been thinking about it and then saying no...thinking about and again saying no...but this year I'm thinking about and saying maybe. I've got a few artist folk I want to talk with first this week before I make the big decision.   It will take me putting my Marching boots on and bust a move big time.. I doing my morning pages everyone morning which has been wonderful.  The morning pages are like wiping the bathroom mirror clear, "you know from the fogginess of life". They help you understand your likes and dislikes. The will become a sense of flow in life, that willingness swings open inner doors and helps me hear my good orderly directions... so this morning I was doing my normal with the pen and paper and the thoughts just streamed out that I'm just a small time girl in a little town.  My personal censor in my life likes to flare up when events and situation make there way into my life like this.  I quickly responded with "Yes that right I'm a small town girl from farming background living in a fairly young town(32 years old) and I've been working at my craft for over 13years and steadily work at that and living my dream job and life as best I can with what I have so far so...This small town girl will be making a decision based on other aspects then just being a small town girl...(kicked my personal censor in the behind and told her to take a hike.)  Oh the power of the morning pen to the paper..

On a different subject, I receive a letter back from the National Collage Society and I've been chosen by the judges to be in the 27th Annual National Juried Exhibit of the NCS, 207 artists and 389 entries. The exhibit will be available for exhibiting on line for one year starting on Nov 1st 2011. I thought about this all and I would need one more placement like this and I will be a signature member of the the National Collage Society..You need three Juried acceptance in the annual show (new goal for the next couple of years) Which also means that I would be asked to sign my work with the symbol next to it like this I guess...something I would have to look into when and if that every came. But I have to admit it's kind of cool to dream in this directions and that it can be possible..

We had a blast in class yesterday, I know I was having some fun printing and rolling out color onto collage papers.  But now it's time for me to get serious and do a bit of writing.  I need to have my paperwork in order for tomorrow when I drop off my art at Downers Grove Library...I know I should have been on this sooner so that I could have had a few of my people look over things but maybe I can slip a few moment with them as the run out the door.  I would like to give a little description of each of the select series I'm presenting to them in this solo show..but I'll see how it all works out.

off to keep the finger moving and words flowing, but maybe a morning walk with the my four legged loves and then let the fingers do their magic.


  1. You might be a "small town girl" but you sure dream big and walk tall. Exciting and scary times for you. It will be interesting for you in the future to look back on all this and wonder what was the big deal?! Wishing you well... --Carol Leigh

  2. Your friend Carol is spot on! :)

  3. You are upwardly mobile now Laura... glad I own a piece of your work (I was glad before this).

    Congratulations and welcome this opportunity with an open heart!!!

  4. Laura, I believe the universe is offering you an opportunity. It is our thoughts and the things we do that send out energy and then we receive opportunities back based on what we send out. The one thing we are born with is “Free Will” …which is our ability to turn down anything that comes our way. I suspect others see you and your abilities much differently then you see yourself. Could Fear be playing a part in this? Every time I have overridden my fear the outcome has been Outstanding! Sending you the Best! Kim

  5. Oh yes Carol isn't that way it goes...all is dance of anixiety and then it passes and we wonder what was that all about..

    thanks your profile pic.

    And Jo...yes this gal is rolling again...hate being down for long.. trying hard to keep the mind and heart open and follow a gut instinct on this all

  6. Thanks Kim love everything you said..


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