Sunday, September 04, 2011

Cooler Winds have moved in~

Did my morning, morning pages and chatted with the passion is getting the best of him, but he can't help himself..Anyways I decided to take advantage of the cooler weather and walk the dogs early...Oh to use the other sense and here the cotton woods rustle and see their leaves are changing already and I was blessed with a wonderful blessing this morning 12 crows in a very tall old cotton wood.. chattering a way.(seeing 12 crows is a message that you have many blessing in your life)  More ruckus came as we passed...big black dog and woman with bright lime green tee-shirt on...Then came back and gathered up the elder(Carl) of the four legged ones and walked him around...this summer seems to have taking the pep out of him...we walked most days and in the morning hours but he's slowing down and getting a bit feisty with Hank. Can't blame him, when Hank get a puppy mode going he's a handful...mainly cause his so big. Such a lover those really good slobbery kisses. Or showers you with the extra water from a moment at the water bowl..that spews out his wiggly over hang of lips..

As I sit out here on the patio this morning, no biting bugs and it's just so grand with the sounds of the leave and the winds blowing..I hear the man folk moving things in the garage...making room for the old Harley rebuilds they are doing...But with two man folk in one man space it has it's moments....I really try to stay out of it...It's like a mother daughter in a kitchen...butting heads and ways... they seem to work it out though out of necessity to ride.

Me today I'll be tending a few coating the "Aa the Crow Flies" piece and hopeful by tonight I can have it dried and tomorrow the husband can bolt it together. Maybe doing some cutting of the lawn and some yard work so that's done and out of the way..

Oh I also got a email to put together a CD of my work and send it up to a Art Consultant in Wisconsin..scared shitless but got a group of support in my artist way group that are a wonder of strength for me when I'm scared.   I realized this morning being week one of the 12 week course that over the past year when we weren't staying connected to each other I had more deeps then steady even movement down the  road with my creative spirit.  So reconnecting and getting back on course...feels so good..

Oh I hope they can tune up the son's motorcycle soon he misses riding son wants to do it all on his own and is doing well but needs the wisdom of his father to still guide him  tough for both of the them..."kind of I'll do it myself kind of guys."

Ok enough of the random rambling...

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  1. Sounds like you all are having a good day. Good luck putting your CD together, that will be fun task, probably give you insight to your work habits and help further inspire you.


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