Thursday, September 15, 2011

Another task bites the dust....

I just finished filling in the blanks..tweaking the descriptions and subtracting some things from a supply list plus up loading images for the website and brochure for Dillman's in 2012...
How exciting they have asked me back for next year...funny thing is it all needed to be done by this weekend..Yikes!!
I'm to be tending my booth at Riverwalk this weekend and come Monday help set up a display at the LaGrange Art League for the Make Your Mark Journal Exhibit.  Another Yikes! is tomorrow I start my first Class of 8 session at LaGrange Art League...Been working on my agenda this morning...busy..busy busy..but all good busy.  So grateful for the job opportunities.  Just taking a break and having some lunch while catching up on some emails...this morning I didn't even go on line till I had to for fear of being distracted with the easily this gal is off task..  Going to head up to the studio now and pack supplies and stuff for class tomorrow and possible clean up the homestead and look over list of art that will be bring to riverwalk.  Well sun is shinning and it's beautiful out I wish I could take the dogs to the woods but the Transit is pack full of display panels and tent stuff...It'll have to wait boys till next week.

Putting blinders on so I can only focus on my forward motion..

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