Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tack Down Tuesday August 23rd

You Are Enough

Materials Used:

140 lb. watercolor paper, stained tissue papers, gesso and painted papers, painted drawing paper, Image transfer with paint glazing and splatters. Applied with a heat seal iron or as I like to call it Tacked Down and sealed with a UV satin varnish.

Meaning behind the Art: 

This piece was created after my book club this yesterday morning and one of the members in the book club was wearing a bright lime green shirt and many bracelets on her left wrist…It just caught my eye. And as you can see it left an impress on me so much so, I went searching for some bright lime green papers, also the blue in this piece represent a sense of peace that seems to come over all of us as we share…we connect in a world of disconnection that is struggle to reconnect. Though the image of the woman is off to the side, which I  placed that way to say "hmmm...let me step back and take a look my life, me in it, and the directions I'm taking in relations to how it's all connected and where it's not." The black and white little squares represent us trying balances out life’s questions.    
 45.00 tax + s/h


  1. This is strong, both in color and composition. Love how you used the text.

  2. Thanks Laura...some family members in household aren't to happen when I use text in my work but sometimes it calls for it especially when I want to make a strong statement then ususal.

  3. Wow, I step out of the stream and you've got a new direction. Like this piece!

  4. I am not an art fanatic. I never knew so much meaning is hidden in every detail. Very interesting! I will probably view art through a whole new perspective. Nice piece!
    check out my blog(s) as I offer a perspective on life and hardships

  5. Lovely piece Laura. I like the text... very thoughtful.

  6. Oh not a new direction as of a daily entry persay.. Nice site Dan..and thanks..


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