Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday's sweet ramblings

Headed to the woods yesterday morning and put chalked up four times around which equals 8 miles. I was ready to continue another time around but thought best not needed to get home and the storm was coming in. Saw Aldo out here, again such a sweet Italian man. I always feel so good when I see him...kind like there's a presence in him that's just so loving. Well I had enough time to walk the big guy Hank before it started to come down..that rain that is. He's always happy to go out...still has his rebellious moments but he's still growing.. I was able to jump in the shower and then I headed out to a old friends house...she's got a very nice built in pool...I didn't swim....just not my thing any more...but enjoyed sitting out by the water and chatting with Roberta, who is a Franciscan nun, nurse and acupuncture so it was very interesting meeting her. We had a late lunch and a nice visit, I left and Carrie got her acupuncture treatment. I never made it back up to the studio like I had planned but today will be a different's in the plans I need to print some images and coat them so I can working a piece for the Naperville Art League show in September...theme is As a Crow best be on that one..

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