Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The next book

I'm a slow reader as of I take a bit of time to comprehend what I'm reading and get it sink in...the best way for me to learn is to put it in action right way...when I was younger I felt if my hands could touch it I was going to get it goofy I know but if I was learning something I need to put it into action right away. .And still to this day I have to really put all that comes in through the eyes in to some kind of action or it floats away...More so now these days then when I was younger but it was always there days, thoughts just floating away...I can file something and  be asked two days later what I did with the paper work and I'm dumb found as to think about where it went..."I think I put it in the file cabinet..or did I ? ( hear it's a A.d.d. thing)  So with reading books I've got to take it slow and write/or take notes about it and  discuss it....or share it or it slips out..I'm a kind of "In the moment kind of girl" I often wonder How I got this far in life but I stumble along...always circling around till I get it.. I use to think I needed three times  like the baseball or your out..

I think working the artist way book for so many years I truly loved the interaction in put me throw, not everyone likes that book but for me it's like heaven..

Well back in May a few gals and I started a book club, we meet face to face instead of on line at a little cafe/bakery in Westmont...use to be called the Travelers Cafe but now it's La La Li Bakery..nice little place with brick walls and small town appeal."Support the Local's " Our first book was Life is a Verb..which has been a wonderful experience, sharing out thoughts and opening our minds..."best worked as a group or club then alone) Now with the same Author Patti Digh is her most recent book "What I wish for you" it's written for her daughter who is going away to college or has already but shared experience from her reader of her blog too.  Well it's a simple little read and chalk full of great life advice for everyone... I'm going to have to jot down some stuff to help me remember and put it in to action..

Here's one which I know already but forget especially with my children and close friends and family...Our job it to Support our loved ones not Save them... well there's little essay's that go along with this...I won't share any more might spoil it for really should purchase a little gift like this.. We/book club, will read the intro and then move to the first chapter and's hard cause it's so smooth and insightful it's hard to stop...but I took my postie notes and jotted down some stuff and will savor it the next two weeks...Plus my oldest daugther is in the book club too so she needs to read it and I didn't want to doodle up in the book before she gets  it.

ON  the Art Path...I've still not figured out what I'm going to do with the large box section with the wooden manikin..( it personal held me up with progressing any further a while back but fasted that fear..still don't have an answer but moving forward) .I've got the manikin posed already and painted up but I want a bit more to go on so I'm preparing my image transfers.   I believe the piece will be about "hope"  and have bits of Green in there...I learned from the Artist way book that green can mean greed and jealousy but it also can be growth and in the growth is I'm going on the hope theme...Then I've gather some image of my one crow I draw a time ago and made into a collage and then photographed it and made it smaller...I'm going to make a piece for the Napeville Art Leagues next show.."As a Crow Flies"  there's a children book coming too that I would like to pull as inspiration too on this theme...Kind of excited...well time to put a move on the day.. enough with the rambling..

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