Sunday, August 07, 2011

Creative insight and inspiration, fill the well

Amazing to me when you make the choice what happens, I have been wanting to visit a gallery for while in the city, but I've been putting it off. "don't have time, gas prices, Oh I don't want to drive to the city today.." yada...yada..yada.. I go with why not...then the need to fill the well with something for myself...I've been for some reason feel a bit of "Lack of in my Life"  yes I know how crazy..but not lack of material things but more a lack of inner directions...So that's when I decided Friday morning to venture out and see the two place I had wanted...checked the maps on google and packed a bit of food and water and made sure I had camera and sketchbook and larger purse to carry all my stuff in..
I share some things in my last post about MCA visit but I didn't share about the gallery I thought might be a fit for my work and myself..

Well, I went into  Jean Albano's gallery and the young girl said, " if you need help I'm here"...then the Lady on the phone was talking super loud and complaining about lag bolts for what an artist needed and or something else...I kind of shut her out as best I could, but as she was talking I hear her say, "in my gallery this is a mess it can't happen"  Yikes...!! I thought this woman was a bit high strung for me...I finished looking around and she didn't even say hi or anything...Would I want this kind of person representing me? I quickly looked at the art which some of the stuff I liked, and scooted right on out.. yes first impression and all could be but I'm glad I visited first it seems very small and I didn't like the feel of it even with all the stuffiness going on..

but...with this all I usually booklets and paper stuff and I'm glad I gather the MCA booklet, because there was of course some stuff in there about the exhibits..and Quotes from the artist himself, Mark Bradford. 

After reading this I can't help but pull from another artist that was asked what is your favorite work..And he responded "the piece I'm working on right now"  and for me that was about the middle parts the underneath, the energy of the piece that does speaks out. 

As I work on my own art right now...there is this part the in between stages that I as an artist go through that no one really knows about... Unless I share it, but I usually don't, its the ugly stages, the stuff that's going on with family, environment, economy, my place in it all and where I'm going with it with better understanding..

So I feel a long post here...I manage to get up to the studio so address a fear and I jump in do what I normally do with a piece in this series and let the part go that I'm stumped with and know that ideas are flowing and it will come..Heck inspiration came when the green thin tissue paper that stuck to the other papers I'm using stood lead me to adding a dark green here and then..which gave the piece a whole different feel which back to the in between stage or process parts, it go my brain rolling...

Here are some other quotes from Mark Bradford, He has been doing a residency, he explain..."it's bits of lots of things that are netted together as this dynamic whole.  It's not one thing; it's a multiplicity of things joined together that makes this energy. It's almost like we've created this network, this family, this amorphous thing that's alive.  I read this and I thought about art leagues and some of them have lost energies like this...Heck even families.  I was just open to hear this..

The is asked this question...Do you think about the viewer when you're creating your work?
MB says...When I'm creating work, I think about whatever I'm tracking, whatever psychological thing, whatever art historical moment I'm interested in. But what I can do, what I can leave[for the viewer] is the honesty: this is what I was interested in, and this was the investigation, and this is what I did. I didn't say it was good or bad or great or not great, but I gave it my all.  Back to what I shared early...all summed up...being honesty with yourself and it comes out in your work and it doesn't matter if it good or gave it your all. Do you every feel that why when you create?  I know I go all my energy goes into a piece...I think that's part of the getting in the zone and or lost in your work thing people talk about. Learn more about Mark Bradford at the

so now...Naperville Art League will be having a show coming up in Sept..As the Crow Flies is the theme...well I've already been poked about this by Laura the gallery director that they are expecting something from me...pressure yikes.. So I been staying open for inspirations...went with oldest daughter to Border books..which is going out of business yesterday and fall upon a magazine 50% off.. called Sagewoman..and it there's a story about Crow medicine..and healing...Well heck with the rest I had to have it...snatched that up so quickly...kind of surprised myself. 

Crow Medicine...Certain creatures are attracted to objects that have nothing to do with food. Crows, ravens, and pack rats are all known to hurry off with "precious things" that have meaning known only to them...(I think my cat, Sophie does too) Crow Medicine beckons healing energy, surround yourself with your own precious treasures.  Well I could have told you that...being I think I've got that in my blood too. I'm a precious thing gather and I've got them all over the place..Your also to have a sacred place as a crow does, their nest and place your things there...Well I think I went to far...see I was at Michael's and it's that season coming around, I just couldn't pass it up..

this little guy is in my transit sitting on the all laughs as you drive the crow bobs up and down and wags it's butt at you.. but I had to have over board or just being in the creative insightful mode...what every it's about being in my good energy..

which now has lead me on the search for a book As the Crow Flies by Gail Hantman...I think..time to gather more inspiration for a piece make for Naperville show...Ok I've tired myself out and I've not even started the day... Some times I can't help myself the ideas come flooding in and I've got to do something about them and allow it to lead me.. Amazing what happens when you give yourself an Artist Date...well I think so..

Also found a movie about crows called The Murder of Crows...that the can remember harm done to them by us humans and reckonize our faces...So watch out The Crows are Watching you...ooooo~

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