Monday, August 22, 2011

A bit rustled with my website...

I've been slacking on the up dating of my website and was going to do some this weekend and found out that my DNS's weren't working...jokingly I said to my daughter what do they mean my DNA isn't working...hahaha. I still don't get it but they found out about it and were on it lickity split but I have to way about another 12 hours I think before it can get to work right...been trying to see this morning but nothing yet..

Been coating some papers for image transfers and yes they have some crows on them.  I'm planning on trying something different for me but not for other artist...I'm going to piece clayboard panels together or screw them together...making smaller one and then when done putting them together...I've got a 30 x 30 and then a 10 x 30 and just order 4 -10 x 10's and will create a 40 x 40 piece out it all...hmm is that right?  my math is so sad... So I've got to wait till the other panels come in  should be about Wednesday or Thursday...not sure I've been painting up know the big ones that we  have such a hard time folding...well I've got them all gesso'ed up and painted over but you can still see hints of the map popping through...

Well off to start a new book with the book club..I'm excited..

Oh I"m so proud of the Husband too with his accomplishment...the chopper he built and being the darn cool!! 

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