Sunday, July 17, 2011

What a difference a day makes

My visit to see my Aunt Margie was very moving for me...She of course is half the size she was and is very fragile now... but she has her wits about her.  I shared a few stories and listened to a few.  I go there to see her and try to watch what I say as not offend anyone but saying something tacky... especially when some is heading out of this world on to the next.  They all, Caryn, Doug, Uncle Lenny and Aunt Margie all got a nice laugh from my own little escapades with the skunk and the dogs.  They don't know how long My Aunt has but while she's here My Cousin made the choice to let the family members know...How special is that, as my thinking goes on this when a human being comes into this world we celebrate new life and how special and spiritual it is to celebrate a life that has been lived that lends on to the great winter of life. I felt very at peace as I drove home after the's all the way is should be.
I'll share a post about the skunks animal totem I found this morning...some how animals come into my life for a reason and I surely can see why with this fellow.  Sad to share that he's passed on as it was so dark and not knowing what was going on Hank had taken care of quickly...go in peace little one..

As I walked into my home the smell was there, I changed into my exercise clothes from the morning walk/granny trotter run which was all sweaty and wet...(sounds bad don't it) but I know I was going to get wet giving the dogs a bath...or a shower in the back yard.   Carl is a pro at this as I think it's been four times now and Hank it's is second bath...You see Hank will walk through water out in a field but from the garden hose or the plastic pool I have for them he doesn't want a thing to do with it...I'm so thankful the Husband was home to help...Hooked up the garden hose to the utility sink so it would be ice cool and went at it...Mixed up some baking soda and shampoo and then at the last minute poured in the peroxide and bathed them with it.   Full of Carl hair and Hank running around like a crazy guy they were all cleaned up and smelling some what better...still a hint of it now and then...I was smelling still last night when we went out to dinner...The husband thinks I'm crazy...(ex. smoker that he is, can't smell a thing) 

This Morning now the Husband goes and gets his picture and Interview The Horse magazine...How exciting, we still don't know what will be and how long and when or even if it will be in the he's heading out early to treat himself to breakfast somewhere around there I guess... Not sure but it's his accomplishment to receive.

Out for a morning walk soon before the heat jumps up and then to the studio.. I was able to clean my fish tank yesterday too after the dogs bath/shower, I figure since I was wet from them might as well stay with the water theme... and then I had to sew up the comforter from Hank...did a really shabby patch up but the wholes are gone and until he gets through this tearing up of the blanket thing I'm not buying any more new ones...

As a new morning a new smells and birds are singing with the sound of a nasty Harley riding off...


  1. Oh Hank! Yikes! He's a "stinker" alright. You know, they say tomato juice to get rid of the smell, don't they? Hank deserves it! (sorry)

    I'm so glad you got to visit your aunt, Laura. Something you will never forget or regret. That was very nice. Oh, and look under your comment on my blog when you get a chance and see the rest of the story that I wasn't going to go into, until your comment.

  2. Agree with the tomato juice! So glad to hear you spent the quality time with family; memories to be treasured always. And congrats to hubby it sounds like!


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