Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday...getting ready for the new week

Posting later then I normally do but it really doesn't matter.  I wanted to be at the Art League yesterday while the MYM journals came in...lets say a few trickled in but there were quite a few there already.. Looking pretty cool...The norm for a book is to close but for mixed media artist it doesn't matter...I was just aware of how that bothered some people.. Well I left about 1:30 came home and lunch and for some reason I need to sit down and before I know it in my generic Lazy boy I fell asleep.. When I woke up it was only a half out...the call to cut the lawn was coming so got into the shorts and t-shirt and grabbed my bandanna for the sweat that would be rolling off me I figured. But the time of day and the back yard were shady...and then when I finished the front yard to was shaded.. had to be the the Husband would say...but it sure needed it...Cutting the lawn has been my job for as long as I can remember..I think even when I was a kid...After I finished I decided to pull out the rust mountain bike I have and check the tires for air and give a peddled around the block...Before I knew it I was going around three times...felt so good to feel the power in the legs push you long and the wind in my hair...(having a flash back moment when I was a kid)  So now that, that's out of the way a little market shopping and then heading up to the studio...preparing for my class and maybe getting a start on another piece for my October show. 

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