Saturday, July 30, 2011

Spending a day the LaGrange Art League

I will be checking in the Make Your Mark journals today at the art league.  I can't believe it's come this fast..I've got quite a few artist from all around the world in my Journal...and I won't have a problem if it was auctioned off but most people with this project wanted to keep their Journals and the committee decided to do that...or fear of having a bundle of journals down stairs in the basement left over and what do you do...

It will be exciting to see them...I hear there's about 10 already there.

so....with getting ready packing up all the stuff this morning I also need a supply list and a sample piece of my work brought this work has to hang for at lest three months so I could put in any of the stuff I'm making now that's for the solo show at the library so I've pulled a piece from the Tack Down Tuesday bunch that didn't sell...

Girls Day Fishing
8 x 8 collage on watercolor paper with printed papers and image transfers. Framed in a 12 x 12 black frame..Up for sale at LaGrange Art League $150.00 if anyone was would have to go there for purchase..

Bring my collage sketchbook with me just in case there's a lull in the check in's...don't wait to just sit mom always had me using my time I need to work in a few more in there.. before class time. 


  1. You do great work Laura. If I was rich I'd have a huge collection of your images.

  2. Good to see you today, Laura! The journals are looking good. I was a little concerned about mine not being "finished", but knowing it will come back is reassuring!


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