Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday morning ready for a new week

The three day collage workshop-The Fine Art of Collage, at Naperville Art league is complete and from as far as I can see 9 people went home with tons of paper and smiles on their faces...Makes me happy. We had a grand time everyone worked well together and as I stated before the space was well light and very accommodating. We had some good snacks by day three too. Well here are a few more photos of the event.

 Susan was working some Acrylic glazing back into the small sample collage piece we did as beginning exercises to warm up everyone and really get a good handle on the technique with the tack iron. She's got two more she's excitedly waiting to work back into.
 Mona had a beautiful image transfer she was planning on placing in the light grey area you see there. Sometimes the simpliest is the best approach especially with this image and what she was telling her story about with the papers and mood.
 Had to take a picture of Nancy's it...if I was taking a workshop I would be right on my notes too.
 Sidney is a quilter and collage person so she bring that experience into her work, so excited to see this piece when it's finished as it has a wonderful image of a buffalo...very spiritual.
 There were three photos of these small sample piece we did but I just picked one shot to show...the tiny ones with the white edge are all taped off and then we learn how to cut the tape off and have this finished look. Which we bring back into the larger pieces.
 Tom brought in some of his own work for me to see and he's got a nice theme running through them all and it's so neet to watch him bring that into the collage on the canvas too. Can't wait to see what he comes up with next. Oh and he didn't have the ear plugs in to stop the chatter of all us women it was his own music he wanted to listen to...Which I totally understand..Music is a touchy things when you like to listen to it while you create.
 Here a few of the Abstract landscapes, there was ten of them in a row, including mine. But it is amazing to see the difference in color and feel of this little gems. 
Here's Cindy drying her piece,  Can't beat that smile...we we're all having a good time... 

Next workshop is will be in March one day one at the Addison Center of the and time are still in the works...The Midwest Collage Society will be having a show there at the same time to Celebrate 100 years of Collage as a Fine Art.. stay tuned.. or keep up to date at Midwest Collage Society Blog

Now off to my book discussion group...Life is a Verb...


  1. Oh joy!!!! What diverse and beautiful images. You really must be an excellent teacher Laura.

  2. It was a joy everyone really had a great time.


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