Friday, July 29, 2011

How it all happened.......

iii me Us you (after thinking about this for a day I've decided to call it the Love Story instead of iii me Us you) 

24 x 24 Collage painting on clayboard with 2" cradle sides.

Once upon a time there was iii...then there was me and you were some where off to the side in my life... time past and i me rolled in you and we became us.

This is the piece that I really got into a zone on and did most of in two hour block of time and really just pulled from inside out.  As I shared before I was listening to the new Cd- 2 Cello's and it has some intense moments.  My thoughts were on two people meeting and how there thoughts might be as we mature as adults..Well, I'm not sure if it makes sense to you all but I've got to say I was really having a grand time and passion was flowing and I wasn't questioning it I just did, it feels so good to be that free flowing...I've been picking  up in the word Raw lately..not as a new word or something but more as a feeling of creating with out a censor and the beauty of that.. We should all do more of this...So for what it's worth the music allowed me to tap into that and let it out...I've done a few of this smaller..

I will be teaching this and a few other "Meet the White surface techniques in my two classes coming up in the fall and also a one day workshop with the Midwest Collage Society in October which is limited to members...mainly because of space and me working with the students..

So now back to preparing for my Visual Art Journaling class at Mayslake Peabody Estate, and I'm some what down as I was going to order my post cards for the outdoor studio exhibit I'll be having in Sept. but there was some verbage a bit off and need my web range(oldest daugther, the graphic designer)  to help me..she's in New Jersey...darn it...will have to wait..

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  1. There is no doubt that the cello was very inspiring for you. It is such haunting music. Love those pieces, the colour choices are great.


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