Saturday, July 02, 2011

Holiday weekend starts

I was able to spend a good spell in the studio yesterday afternoon and it sure did feel good.  I'm working on a piece not my color palette again and I'm not sure if I like it or not but these are the moments when I feel that I'm stretching a bit and exploring and see what comes of it.  Pulling my past experiences and still moving forward when you feel like your in uncharted territory...I know that I'm safe but it still feels odd.. so with the holiday weekend upon us there in the state   Independence Day that is I'm hoping to hang out in the studio a bit more and work on this piece will I'm packing for the workshop this next weekend...Seem as I've described before I can't be packing and touching all my supplies with out getting side tracked and start creating this time I've got something started before hand..

Art tribe meeting was good...with understand that we/women/artists are all in flex with whats going on economically we are vamping up in some areas and letting other fade away...accepting that what every was going on a few years ago isn't coming back to the level that it was is the first part of the solution.  Then seeing what strengths you have as an individual and pulling from them and seeing what creativity  will sprout.  What's wild is each one of the woman in this group are venturing out in different directions and its kind of cool. 

well best get going before the weather heats up.

Oh one thing that came as a wonderful surprise is my husband got asked by a Motorcycle magazine, The Iron Horse to be a featured motorcycle see he has to ride into the the city to this one place to get a new Gas Cap and while he was there a Magazine person from Iron Horse Magazine was there and ask him to do it...How cool is that...well you know it could be a while to be published or then maybe not at all as the powers that maybe be have the final say what gets in or out of the magazine..but I'm so proud of cool..

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