Saturday, July 09, 2011

The Fine Art of Collage 3-days, Naperville Art League

 Sidney and Pat, working with the Nevr Dull on the Nat. Geo. Magazines. We had to do this out the back studio door as it's a bit smelly.
 Tom and Cindy are using Sand paper to create a different effect with the stencils under the magazines.
 Susan is stamping the polymer medium on the Nat. Geo. Magazine now and will let it dry and use Nevr Dull to pull the magazine inks off and leave her stamped marks and a great resist pattern.
 The room at Naperville Art League is well lite and spacious for the 10 of us.
 I have everyone loosen up a bit and create a postcard size collage just with glue stick, scissors and magazines...the only difference is we pass it around after you glue down one piece.  Nancy's cutting the final pieces to add to her postcard collage after it's been passed 5 times...
 Mona on the end farthest away, then Diane, Susan and Sidney are all placing one piece of paper and then will pass it to the's always a delight to see what you get back..
 Couldn't pass up this palette of color by Mona, table section. 

Nancy is cleaning up her tools to start again and add some printed images to the surface of her deli papers.

 Susan has just used the Brayer to roll out some color on the Drawing paper and then awhile it's still wet she Scribes into the surface...Just another way to add line and texture to your papers.
Quick shot of some of the papers laying around on the floor last night drying...Oh to have the stacks of paper done and piled up next each student will be grand...Collage Assembling will start today.

I always start my workshop out like this as of I feel it's important to make your own statement as an artist with our own voice and that starts from the very beginning with the choices you make along the way...papers, colors, patterns and textures or no texture will begin to come together and give each student here a voice they've not realized they had in them.. Stay tuned for more...

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  1. VERY productive! I look forward to some final collages.


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