Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Change... how am I handling it?

I was going to go on an on about change but I think I'll go walking my four legged beings and tend to some chores and be back later.  I mainly have to take the big boy out...seems with turning a year old his body is still changing and he's got this bad habit started...chewing the bed spread on our bed...I just bought a new one at Aldi's and there he goes this morning chewed a hole right in it...and he's back to the puppy there's a bit a frustration that needs working on..or worked out, it's not that I don't exercise this black pony of ours it's a change in his growth I'm seeing..they say that Great Danes will still keep growing till they reach the age of 18months so we've got some more growing going on..

Then I can't seem to get use to the change on Blogger here or is it me that only had the background stuff changed...I was having no problem with it till now...can't get used to it...and I can't get my lap top to function right.  Oh I know this is nothing to complain about at all compared to the troubles of some people but it's change happening and I know the little things that I don't like are adding up and it's not my way I would like it...crying like a baby or just having a hissy fit is more like the winds are blowing and the air is less humid so going to stop the complaining and get out and be present in the day and let the little bits of change happens and adjust myself to it... well as best I can...

Did get to the studio yesterday and finished my journal entries for friends and started on number 2 of the 20 I want to finish by September... best bust a move then..

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