Thursday, July 07, 2011

The Art of Collage at Naperville Art League- 3 Day workshop

I want to say I was scrambling yesterday to get my act together for the next three days...and How excited I get.  All supplies are there, this morning is the set up and by 9:30 am we will begin.

I posted this small piece just to show how a few pieces can create a piece of art. The yellow paper with the print on it had small circles with splatter marks on after the collage papers are assembled and fused together what do you do?  well you look at what you have and find the patterns and repeat it. But this time I repeated it large to add interest to the piece by changing the size of the elements or in this case the circles. 

Well small version of what will be going on in the next three day.. Time to bust that move~  this gal is out of there...


  1. Clever 'rescue' Laura. Good luck with the workshop.


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