Thursday, June 16, 2011

playing with a new tool

I bought this tool over a year ago and I just opened it up out of the box yesterday...I had completely for got I had purchased it...I get yelled at around here when I purchase a new tool and not play with it right away...My mind is always some where else... I guess.  or it was time for me to pull it out...which I would have gotten to sooner or later. I'm not a big one for all the scrap booking tools but this I saw other ideas stemming from as of a book of small sketch or projects put together. So I pulled it and did with out looking at the instruction...Lets say I made all the mistakes first and just fumble around and pushed and pulled things...then I put the DVD in of how to and felt really good... Crazy as that sounds is letting go of doing things perfect right way was a way for me to get over that...I find that I'm always worried about doing it right so I've been stirring things up in that department of shortcomings and have a grand time at just fooling around and knowing I'll get soon enough.

So with that fun time last night I bound my workshop hand out to the Xanadu Gallery seminar I'll be going to on this Saturday up in Milwaukee's just a three hour thing but it's with the Gallery owner from Xanadu Gallery out of AZ, I think Crystal Neubauer is going too, which I have his book and been flowing a few of his info on-line workshop thingys...and since I won't be teaching at Whispering Woodlands, which would have been today, I am treating myself to this as of Monday this gal will be turning 50 and I'm really excited about that...almost as excited as tuning 13 again...I look upon this as my personal rite of passage...all the things that I witness my children going through I'm ready now to my thing...or the next phase of my life to begin... Not setting up high expectation no totally opposite as I'm wanting to really put the less is more concept into acting which is really tough as I'm a doer and to always be doing lots is a hard things to change...I feel that I'll be heading in a better frame of mind if I keep that at the fore front of all that I do..Less is More (new mantra) so I can be present in the daily gifts and seek that spirituality I so seem to be needing.

OK with that now I've got to drop off the award ribbons that came in for our MCS Norris Gallery Show in St. Charles and then Pick up my big piece at Osio-Brown... then hang out in the some pages to be working on for my MYM journal plus need to make a new journal for my morning pages...(started the last one May 5 and that has 200 pages in it..been doing a lot of venting and listen to my morning pages I guess) all good things to be doing...

all is good and living the dream daily, peace to all, and good thoughts.

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  1. Laura... you're a whirlwind!!! I get exhausted reading your post. What a full and creative life you have.


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