Sunday, June 05, 2011

No Pictures today just some words to collage with

I've been looking at the what's ahead and can I say I don't know what's ahead or what will be...there use to be a time  I would say back around 20's till early 40's that I thought I knew and knew it well but lately I've been seeing things a bit differently and I have to admit I'm not sure as to why or what it is.  I think that it's about acceptance of things as they are now.  If I listen or read the newspapers too long I get fed this bull crap and then I start taking on the fear ridden thinking of it all and that's not what I want or need in my life.  Call it mid life or what have is a time when I'm looking at my life and what there is and what I want to keep and what I want to purge out of.  I want to be an active elder and that will come soon as of this month and I want to be more expressive with my love and caring...I felt that with all the past which wasn't bad mind you but the stuff that I seem to drag around I truly want to not do that anymore and I want to be more present in my days.  I'm a spiritual person and always have been, though at a young age I wasn't sure so things were done to guide us young ones to have something to go by but I've always been guided by nature and the natural course to things. So back to the acceptance of it all.  The way we are fed with stuff instantly I really don't want anything to do with it call it shunning away from it or accepting I really can do anything about it...but I'm looking at what I have in front of me to work with and what makes me happy...It's always been about being simple, like a daisy is my favorite flower and seeing them in a field in bunches how wonderful.  And can I say being a stay at home mom was bliss, though I complain now and then about it I'm a simple home body where I really take great pride in my home and yard...It's not a magazine image in better homes and garden mind you, but it's mine and I'm really happy about it's progressed over the years.  I guess I best get to the point about things here or I'll keep trailing off.  I want a simpler life and be able to see, hear and taste it now... and I mean that by being present and in the hear and now and not trying to pack it all in..Oh there are days like that when we just can't help it but for me it's back to the basics...good home, good food, good exercise, good family and good expressive time in the studio...And with having the simpler life I don't have much to share as of conversations wise...I'm kind of boring when it comes to hanging out with people.  Unless they want to talk about some basic things and living a simpler life then I like to hear that. 

Well best stop the morning rambling cause I can tell it's about scrambled now..but it feels good to just get readjusted and grounded for a new day and understand yourself in the bigger picture of things.

It's going to be a cooler day and walks are on the agenda for the dogs and myself with a little food shopping and a MCS meeting today and that will be a good day.

And I did get to the studio yesterday and didn't sand my big piece that's been sitting there for a good month I flowed through on the idea I had and it's working for me...I wasn't blocked with it I just need to let it sit a bit and not give it such grandeur and be afraid of messing it up...I think that came with letting it see and not being so attached to it...I even was willing to sand the surface and change the whole ideas...but I'm glad it's taken a course of it's own and guided me to stick with it.

Peace to all.


  1. It's funny that, when you are young, it's all about being busy and collecting 'stuff'. As you age you begin to realize the important things like 'peace' and 'happiness'. Well done Laura, may you inhabit the rest of your days in both peace AND happiness.

  2. I love your post today, Laura. You know what's important. The years fly by and when it comes right down to it, you know what means the most. hugs.

  3. I hear ya girlfriend :)

  4. Can it be about the happiness and peace...sure it can and for me that's what I'm striving for as success in my life...


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