Thursday, June 02, 2011

My Make Your Mark Journal has finally come home

These Journal entries are from Uta she lives in that means this books travel to her and then to her Grand daughter grand one of my favorite artists. check out her works...Uta Mooney

 Next stop was to New Zealand to visit with Dale Copeland, yes the same artist that does the ICE exhibit I shared last week.. and I see a few of her friends added like Julie Cannon, and Leila Hunts which I have another piece of Leila's from the ICE exchange.. Dale Copeland's site

Now back to the states to New York where it stayed with Julie Sadler, whom might  I add was one of the first artists that was part of the 1000 Journals with Some Guy. I was so excited that she took part in this project and I have some of her work in this. Julie site

Now to Mary Beth whom is the Author of Flavors for Mixed Media, I saw the pages on her site and I didn't even realize that it was in my journal book, don't know what planet I wasn't on...  I was so surprised to see them when the journal came back.  Mary Beth Shaw site

Then on to Virginia to spend some time with Dreama, I've not meet Dreama but she use to be a part of an art tribe I belong to so it's kind of cool to connect this way on line.. Dreama's site

And now the journal has made it's last stop in Washington state with Donna Watson.  I just love her work and I'm so grateful she was able to slip me into her very busy schedule... Donna Watson site

Thank you ladies for making your mark in my journal..

There is about seven spreads to finish up this journal so that means amongst the gardening/Weeding  and other art projects going I'll be trying to finish this up this month and then get working on the other MYM journal I have.. A bit over booked I would say..but all the  journals will be due back by July 31st and then we have a big exhibit at LaGrange Art League in Septmeber of this year... I need to get on that too, as of getting a flyer out to all the people that are doing this project...Much work still to be done...Loving it all~


  1. what a beautiful post laura! Your book was looking amazing when I got it, and I guess the trend continued!
    thanx for letting me play!~

  2. Laura so sorry I've been missing all your cool posts. Been having trouble commenting on blogs so it's kept me away. What awesome creations in the journal! So exciting to see them all.

  3. What a spectacular project. And I bet the exhibit will be amazing too!

  4. Yes the exhibit we are starting to prepare for that as of getting all the journal back to the art league so we can have an exhibit..

  5. I'm glad your journal made the trek back to you. The pages look amazing!

  6. Thank you for sharing such an inspirational collection! Amazing artists!


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