Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Moving on with a new day

I putter around the homestead yesterday Morning after I launch the "Tack Down Tuesday" theme and then I managed to make it up the studio...Can I say it's like once you let go of what you should be doing  and just get doing things it starts to flow.   I had asked The Flying Pig Gallery in Algoma WI if they needed me to send a few more of the Mini Abstract Landscapes she has of mine up there. (sold four of them) and Susan said I got myself busy on of priming up three watercolor substrates and then between adding some more image transfer to the Nature and Man piece I'm working on..that's the title I've given it.  It was to be for the Downers Grove Show with the MCS but time was not on my side with that I let it go till it started speaking to me again...  as I shared before I was afraid to go ahead with my idea as I've not done this kind of printing over the subject/surface.  After sitting long enough the fear subsided and I went for it...jumped again, took a risk, mainly because I thought I've got nothing to lose I'll just sand the surface down and when that opportunity made itself present I was giving a choice and didn't feel block or pigeon hole into only one directions...a problem to be solved lead to me letting go and trusting the first idea.
So with making my own realization about that it I hung out longer in the studio and did a bit of organization and then creating a good base for the three abstract landscapes.

Off to walk the dogs and myself then a bit of studio time.

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