Thursday, June 09, 2011

In the process...Mini Abstract Landscapes

I'm still the process with these three piece.  I have two frames left out of the last batch I order and will need to order more soon. I just wanted to show this little ones in the process I have to come back and in add some other little details, possibly some beading or acrylics and then they get matted and framed then I'll be sending them up to The Flying Pig.  

 Impromptu Morning, 6 x 12 finished size,

 Melody of the sun
Outside World 6 x 12 finished size.

Hoping to finish them up and send out to WI.  by the end of next week. Replenishing the gallery.
Well with the rain we are having this day it's a good day to hide out in the got some ideas for a future thing and need to put that in motion at lest start on them,  I want to create 6 mini Abstract Landscapes and submit them to a magazine...that means I won't see them for about a of the hardest things to do..but if I know this in advance then I won't be overwhelmed with them...sounds goofy but some pieces of artwork I get attached to and have a hard time letting them go so I need to sit with them a couple of months and get what I need from them emotional and spiritual and then I'm able to let go...some my understand this and others wonder what the heck this gal is talking about.. it does make me think about Robert Rauschenberg again with some of the galleries he worked with...He would create a piece and quickly ship it to the gallery and then he was disconnected with it and ready to start fresh on the next one...

So some breakfast this morning and off to the might be great day to stay in the PJ's and really have a grand time.


  1. Wow!... these are just gorgeous Laura. Well done.

  2. Always love the abstract landscapes, you know, Laura. Love the music in them. They sing! Beautiful!


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