Saturday, June 18, 2011

Change of plans and feel good about it..

Well I've had to make some changes with something recently...The art and craft fair in Oregon IL...I canceled...following my gut even though everyone is so sweet back in Dixon when I met them I had to make a choice and I wasn't hearing anything from them about the fair, setup etc...and I've learned to follow the gut  and it's not failed me...Usually I hear about a month in a half or more about art fairs and there's communication back and forth...Well not to go all weird about this I made a choice to not do it and I'm out $45. but I feel better about that.. Now that weekend the husband and I will be celebrating 30 years together and we like to do just take ride and turn it into a road trip and see what happens. That feels better...and now hearing about my one big piece being's on layaway as Kmart shoppers would say..but it's sold I realized I didn't have a nice scan of it so I could have prints Chris at J2 gallery allowed me to come in yesterday and pick up and the boys at Osio-Brown allowed me to bring it in for the last day of the sale...scan's for 55 each...I would say there's a bit of good orderly direction going on there.. I had hope to make it to the studio but with the 3 hours of city traffic I was in I became emotional I have to veg out for the rest of the night...I've got to pull all my (shit) together when driving in that traffic.   Give me country roads any day...long stretches of them...well I was able to write up my class description for Naperville class this fall..I decided to do two week session just dedicated to collage papermaking...not collaging just having a grand time creating those Oh so special papers.. then the class follows' I'm  finding not enough time to create the art. well best be getting a groove-in  Move on things Road trip to Milwaukee to catch a seminar..hoping to take a few picture too. May stop into the  Milwaukee museum...Birthday treat to myself...

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