Monday, June 13, 2011

Celebrating other accomplishments

 Hi everyone,
This is the head man folk in the Svencner homestead, He is heading off this morning on his year long project of rebuild and refabbing  a chopper for himself..(mid-life thing)  both the men folk have been working on their bikes since last year and I have to say I'm so proud of the work that they have accomplished....little by little he's been working at it between regular job and odd things breaking down cars and around the house.. He's heading off to work..with the back pack, which contains a Man purse, which we call it in the house/really it's a small lunch bucket (keeps all his important stuff in there and his water jug and Stanley coffee thermos...We joked today cause it was hard to put the backpack on with is heavy shirt...I had flash backs of doing this to the kido's when they were young and then almost falling over cause it was so big and heavy...( just a good oldfashion giddy laugh too)
See that blurrrr....?  that's My Man riding off in the early morning past my son's truck and really green front yard...with the open cattail basin across the street...Hope he has the best day ever...cause that's got to feel good bring it to work to show the bosses this man knows his stuff...  now to make a business out of rebuilding this old style men toys and we will be really living the dream...Myself an artist and him rebuilding the motorcycles...


  1. Sweet bike!!!!!!!

  2. What a good thing to have a husband who really works for what he wants. No wonder you're proud of him!

  3. Can you tell...that is I'm proud of him...must show...always make the heart flutter when one can watch some accomplish the mid-life things or anything at to get a move on mine...where did I put that??? hahaha, Oh I remember I lost it a couple of summers ago..My mind that is.. its what I tell my kid's.


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