Thursday, June 23, 2011

another road trip soon...

Well played hooky from all I've got the homestead to tend see I'm the chief bottle washer too so when this lady doesn't do her job it doesn't get I've got a list a mile long and on top of it Saturday early and I do me early the Husband and I are leaving for Niagara Falls New York...spur of the moment plans, Our 30th wedding anniversary...the last few years we've been taking short road trips somewhere and this year we are going here... so with writing up some workshop contracts, and sending things to a league web manager I've got my hands full today....but how exciting...loving it all. 

I was able to order for some supplies yesterday though...I need a few more of the wooden manikins plus my skateboard blank deck's came in...I think I need to be lucked up in my studio soon..

so with  this short say I'm off to tend to some job related things..


  1. Susan Hausmann9:35 PM

    Laura: Just discovered your website and blog. Very entertaining. I was checking on the proper spelling of your name for the LGAL Directory and came across your information. Hope you have a wonderful trip to Niagara Falls. We have been there numerous times when our kids were small. Take the "Maid of the Mist" boat tour. You'll love it. Sue Hausmann.

  2. Oh AWESOME Laura!!! How great that you'll be spending time together. And of course congrats on the anniversary :)

  3. Oh Laura! Have a wonderful time - congratulations! (Gather lots of good "ephemera"!)

  4. Well I gathered a few maps and some photos to play around with April and Thanks Susan...we did take the boat ride and it was very refreshing. And Elena...the time together is always a hoot...we end up laughing so hard that it have tears in our a bunch of giddy school kids...


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