Tuesday, June 28, 2011

#4 Tack Down Tuesday's

Week 4, "Water Dance"  8 x 8 collage with 2" white mat all sides.
Materials: painted deli sheets with printing, Kraft papers gessoed and glazed with acrylics, Plastic charge card swiping done with acrylics, small punches of dancing people made from the glazed Kraft papers and acrylic splatter, all papers fused on to the watercolor substrate, small add embellishments made with a skewer and acrylics. Final coat of UV satin varnish. 

           " I created this piece last night when we/husband and I,  came back from our 30th Anniversary trip to Niagara Falls, New York. We enjoyed each other company, good hearty laughter was heard from both of us.   Have you ever notice the lay of the land and the different rock formations when you travel? Well we did I quickly fell in love the Shale and it's color.  The diversity of the human race was present, all of us in awe at the power of this natural force in front of us.  The sounds of water and language, the refreshing mist and the mint green color flowing over the edge. A Child like giddiness was in the air.  I chose the black paper to represent the shale rocks I saw, the mint green and white acrylics for the water and the peach/orange paper for the human race all around this awesome power of falling waters. The letters are there torn up to represent the different languages heard.
~Laura Lein-Svencner~


  1. Am glad you had a wonderful time and the proof is in your collage. LOVE the colours. Stay happy.


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