Saturday, May 28, 2011

Setting a homestead for the weekend

I think about the first time I did a show and all the stuff when I got there I needed and each time I set the tent for an art fair there was more to bring...Well with the Transit I'm having to scale back a bit and think...well think it was I left behind as I forgot the main parts to hold my panels together..Funny little clips and I remember a friend of mine telling me to get rid of the fluorescent orange straps I was using to hold my weights...kind of tacky (bought some black ones) that point I didn't even I didn't do anything about last year but when I went the Hardware store after I had my tent/homestead set up I picked up some strap hanger..A bit of emotions hit me and I was almost in tears...out there alone setting up and don't have the right stuff to do it...I think I was a bit pissed at myself too. So gather myself together put all extra set up stuff back in tent and zipped it up...then I had to have extra eyes to help me out of my spot that I see artist just get the closes spot to set up so they don't have to haul so far...and which every way we can do it we do...and then we get a booger of a mess going with the trucks/vans and transit out there...but it all worked out...See us all out there this is when the rush starts with the excitement of people coming by and taking a peek at what we do and hopeful sales will happen.. if not I got a learning experience out of it..  

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