Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Pulling out and gettting prepared-Name of the Game

With this weekend being the first art fair I'm in for the year that means I was in no rush a few months ago to get it all ready...but yesterday I took the morning to see if it will fit in the Transit...First thing is I had to take the seats...need a special ratchet for it. Lucky my son was home to find the right tool so then I got myself busy on that. With the chance of rain this weekend I decided to bring the heavy duty tent that means I need more space and more muscles..I sure can tell, feeling a bit sore today...hehehe..Well happy to say two hours later with even washing the Transit I'm all packed with half the space left for the artwork and misc. stuff.(I"m cutting back on bring all the extra tables..)   I know I always prepare a bit earlier then I need to but with the way the weather looked this week Tuesday was the day to do..( I was able to spread out all the stuff all over the drive way) So feeling good about that I decided to pull out all the art in the back room where I store it when I finished it and see what I would like to display for this show.  And in doing that I'm able to make labels too. You know with title, size and price, I feel it makes it easier for the possible customer to see if it will fit or is in their price range.
 The woods were calling me too so I headed out around 2:00 with the sun and the cool breeze, reminded me of bring "up North"  it was a good walk. 

I have to say I was doing some heavy thinking about doing art shows/fairs.  They are the place where the most people see the work that an artist does and the networking capabilities are so awesome but the down side is the unpredictability of the sales, and the weather... Taking the risk to see what happens every weekend you do a show... I do have to admit even though I'm thinking heavy about it all I still get a rush from I have just a few fairs this year and will not worry about next year..

Here's a 8" x 8" collage done on watercolor paper and will be framed up to fit a 12 x 12 frame.
I have a folder that I keep image in of other artist works I really like then I pull from their some compositional layouts this was one I had to do on up to the studio and spent a good three hours up there, incorporating some pastel lines too, felt so good to get lost in the zone and create for me..  Oh the thunder beings from the West are speaking now..we are to get some rain today...I figure this would be a good day to work on up dates to the web site...been on my list for about three months now and its one of those mornings where entering the html code might work...

As I was walking yesterday in the woods I couldn't help but think about the direction I would like to head into with a new stream of income...what I mean is the on-line presence with selling some art..what I need for that and sounds big of me but preparing for of cut the foam core to the 12 x 12 size have some white mats cut to the 2" size I would like to mat the work into and I have the clean sleeves and the boxes...all little steps to get prepare for the big step...

I've also been trying to ready two books one with a group Life is a Verb and other now is I'd rather be in studio...sometime I wondered about myself...I grab bits and piece never a steady course...but I've got this far that way so I'll keep it up..I like to read some kind of books that can really get you thinking and changing the parts that so need to be changed in myself and I like to ready about the business stuff....

Every morning I write - do my Morning pages and try to fit in walks, which bring such insight into my day and directions for that day.  Well doing what I seem to do best is rambling and jumping from one subject to another I'm going to stop now and get my self on into the html side of things and makes some progress on the website today.


  1. A gorgeous collage Laura. Walking each morning is a great way to clear the mind and prepare for the day's activities. I use it to sort my list of 'things to do' so that I can begin early and make sure I have plenty of studio time.

  2. Oh keeping time for the fast it slip off the list...received your collage today in my bundle...I'll have to post them on my blog-all of them when I get a great that we got each others...Dale has a way of doing that doesn't seem the crow theme came back to me as I received a lot with crows or some kind of black cool is that.

  3. Stunning collage. And really interesting to hear your thoughts about art fairs.


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