Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Papers, Papers, Papers....Oh My! Day Two

 Screech owl, I was able to get up close with the camera with this little guy.
 The big tortise was something to see.  I think they had many of them there...everytime I turned around their one was...but this where only a handful of this monsters...he had to be at lest 3ft long by a good 2 ft tall.  and the shell, skin and body armer that was on him was amazing to look at.

I have to say we are right on course for this you see in the bottom photo here...we have paper and boy do we have paper... As I described to the students we are building the palette to collage with so with the space and time we have in this workshop they will be able to collage for a good couple of weeks afterwards.  I had to admit I'm pushing them and we are retiring at night around 5:30 and most don't come back till the morning.   There is a lot of activity with this kind of workshop. I've got them up and down all through the day. 

But today Day 3 we will be warming up the collage gene and stopping the paper making part of things and bringing it all together.  Again I could or should I say we couldn't have asked for better's that time of year where there are no nasty bugs, no sweating as we step out in the fresh air, the sun has been blessing us each day.  We are scheduled for a pontoon ride today around lunch time so we are to pack a lunch and bring it along. How exciting...I believe it's Captain Steve that will be taking us out..  We need the nice break and time to fill our creative wells.  

I've been taking a nice long walk every other morning a good 5 miles along the roads here, I walked past some beautiful gullies and hills..forest everywhere you look, and hearing the woodpeckers and the loons far off in a distant is so cool. The air is so fresh it's amazing... Can I say I really am blessed to be working this job... or I think I should say living the dream.  I really can't believe it all but it's real and I'm truly so grateful to be able to do this.. This is the first time for all of my family members including the four legged ones that I'll be away...This morning I was able to chat with the husband on GMail chat video (thingy) and Sophia our cat came to the computer while my husband is on and then this morning Carl (10year old mixed breed) came and Randy moved the Lap top so he could see me and I chatted with Carl...Carl wasn't to sure but he heard me and cocked his head...Hank is acting up and been a rebellious teen...He's a big guy and needs to let off a bit of that energy with his walks and running around and he's bonded with me big time...and is a bit lost. But it's not forever and soon it will be complete and a new week will be on it's way and I'll be home..but for now this is AWESOME !!!

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