Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Nothing special just a little of this and that..

I got a good start on things early yesterday morning..took out the display panels from inside the transit and leaned them up against the boat and took out the rest and opened the bins and let the tie down straps dry out...boy the water got every where.. but by 10 am it was pretty much dried off and out.. So I set up a tent twice this weekend and took it down and put it all away...got practice I guess. Then I got lost in my yard...as of I cut it and did some weeding. My youngest daughter helped for a while and that was nice..

Our Hank though just can't seem to leave the toads be..he smells one and just keeps following it and then start nosing it and then has to paw it a few times till the toad decides to play -rock- as it blows up some and pulls it legs in tight and looks like a rock and gets rolled around by Hank till I get him to stop it. Must have had a taste of the toad yesterday morning cause he was drooling really funny. then eating some grass but had a moment and was all better and back at it.. Silly dog.  Hank's not doing well with the heat first time as an big guy going through it. I know they had a big below ground half basement for the dogs in the house that we bought him from but really naturally Danes don't do well in really cold cold weather or really hot hot stuff. So he likes his temp in the middle.

Today I'm visiting a pen pal that I've been writing to for some time and we are going to hang out with another artist for a bit and then it's food shopping for me and I hope to get back up to the studio soon need to make a few more mini abstract paints for The Flying Pig, but with being away for a week and the weekend show..it's taking me a bit get back in balance but I did do a nice afternoon walk in the woods.  Love the way the light shines through and the wind was so grand.  All the wind will be drying things up a bit with all the rain we had..

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